Cobra Softwareupdate

★ Update für Ihre Cobra-Zündanlage ★

Bringen Sie Ihre Cobra Zündanlage auf den neuesten Stand, indem Sie uns Ihr Gerät entweder zusenden oder bei uns vorbeibringen. Wir spielen die neueste Software dann für Sie drauf:

Stable Release Candidate v3.0.3, April 2014


  • Audio accuracy – Audio now plays in perfect sync to 18M firing modules. The 350ms manual alignment is no longer required.
  • 320k MP3 audio quality – Audio box now supports the highest quality 320k audio compression. The 128k audio compression is still supported.
  • Manually fire cues while script is running – You can now manually fire cues while a script is running.
  • Fire multiple scripts without disarming – You can now fire multple scripts without disarming and re-arming the 18R2.
  • Syncing process changed – When syncing, the 18R, 18R2 and 18M now display „P“ before syncing. Once synced, you are required to re-start the 18R or 18R2. You can sync as many 18M modules to the remote while „P“ is displayed on the remote.
  • Sleep mode no longer displays backlight – The 18M sleep mode will last about 25% longer in sleep mode.
  • Sleep mode efficiency improved 25% – The 18M sleep mode will last about 25% longer in sleep mode compared to version 2.1. When asleep, the TEST LED now double blinks vs. the 7-segment — bars.
  • Manual AUTO-FIRE works past 12 seconds – For manual AUTO-FIRE fixed delay sequences, you can now fire sequences greater than 12 seconds.
  • Reinforced wireless security – General reinforcements in data encryption, data storage, and integrity of wireless communications.

Update für Ihre Cobra-Zündanlage

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